Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I receive a full refund if I withdraw from the program in the first weeks?

A. We are sorry, but here are no refunds.

Q. What are the requirements for completion of the program?

A. Participants must successfully complete the 240 hours of instruction, two years in the program, and acquire intermediate knowledge of Qur'anic Arabic. ILTDP will assist you with finding a program.

Q If I fail a class(es) can I come back without paying?

A. Support will be available for a participant whose GPA is threatening to fall below 70% in a class(es) in any given quarter. If the participant falls below 75%. Despite additional support, falling below 75% will be considered not completing the class. In most cases the student will have to pay the tuition to re-take the program. 

Participants must pass each class in each quarter to continue in the program. Participants are given an assessment report of their progress in all classes at the end of each quarter. Please refer to the handbook on unsatisfactory performance.