Imam W. Deen Mohammed
Knowledge Body & School of Thinking

Mubaashir Uqdah
[email protected]

Mubaashir Uqdah accepted Al-Islam at Masjidullah in Plainfield New Jersey in 1977 under the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. From the moment he became a Muslim he has been an avid student of Al-Islam as expressed in the commentary of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and he has been an active worker in the community. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Systems and Information Technology from the University of Phoenix, has worked professionally as a Senior Technical Writer for Fortune 100 companies, and worked in his own company as a Web Designer and Builder, a Book Publisher, and as a Real Estate Investor. He is married to Rita FurQaan Uqdah, and has three children.


  • Founder and Administrator of the IWDM Preservation Project.
  • Founder and Administrator of the IWDM Study Library (
  • Special Assistant to the Conveners of Imams associated with Imam W. Deen Mohammed.
  • Assisting the Conveners of Imams with developing a course for learning the Knowledge Body of Imam Mohammed.
  • Webmaster of the IWDM Community Website ( on behalf of the Conveners of Imams.
  • Author of books (8) on the Language and Logic of IWDM. (
  • Referenced as a Dr. of his Philosophy by IWDM, who publicly stated that Mubaashir Uqdah’s writings are required reading for his students.
  • Advisor and counselor to many Muslims seeking advice and guidance.
  • Owner of Uqdah Enterprises LLC, which provides book publishing and website development services.


  • Northeast Section Convener of the Imams Associated with the Community of IWDM (2012-2015).
  • Founder and Coordinator of the NJ Muslim E-mail Network.
  • Founder and coordinator of the Higher Voice Dawah Movement.
  • Co-founder of UMMRAH, United Muslim Musicians and Recording Artists.
  • Website designer for numerous Muslim businesses and Masjids.
  • Editor and Publisher of numerous books by Muslims in IWDM Community.
  • Coordinator of Unified National Curriculum project for the Consortium of Clara Muhammad Schools.
  • Convener of the New Jersey Associates for Community Planning (ACP).
  • Special Assistant to the NJ Council of Imams.
  • Convener of the NJ Monitoring Team.
  • Chairperson of local CRAID committee.